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Personal Injury Division The Psychology Service
Personal Injury Division

The Psychology Service – Personal Injury Division provides a psychological report that excels in its quality and thoroughness of investigation. It incorporates the essence of the psychological approach of formulation with the tradition and universality of the diagnosis, adhering to DSM-V and ICD-10 guidelines. In so doing it allows the expert to reach the best clinical opinion in respect to diagnosis, causation, proportionality, prognosis and treatment.

Since the Zeebrugge disaster of 1988, Clinical Psychologists have been widely recognised by the Court as able to accurately diagnose psychiatric disorders, historically considered to be the domain of the psychiatrist. Further support for the role of Clinical Psychologists as diagnostic clinicians has recently come from the British Psychological Society.

The benefits of the psychological report reflects our Consultants’ knowledge and experience in the psychological therapies, primarily the treatment of choice for trauma related conditions.

Consultants available through The Psychology Service are all experienced Chartered Clinical Psychologists, who have a wealth of expertise in both trauma related conditions and also their own area of speciality such as childhood disorder, chronic pain, bereavement and drug addiction. All the Consultants undertake both single and joint instructions, instructed on behalf of both the Claimant and Defendant solicitors and insurance companies.

The Psychology Service ensures quality of reporting through:

  • Ensuring appropriate instruction through screening questionnaires
  • Face to face interviews
  • Thorough review of medical records and medical reports
  • The use of psychometric test material where appropriate
  • Interview of relative or close friend
  • Standard format of report, carefully designed to adhere to CPR protocol
  • Prompt and efficient service with appointments generally offered within 4 to 6 weeks of instruction, and reports provided within 2 to 4 weeks of appointment
  • Nation-wide availability of three named consultants
  • All reports carefully quality checked for their clinical content
  • Regular supervision and training for all our consultants

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