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Personal Injury Division

Personal Injury Division Screening Quality Assurance Quality Assurance

Within The Psychology Service we at all times endeavour to ensure that the reports produced consistently offer an accurate and well considered opinion that meets the Court’s needs in respect to diagnosis, causation, prognosis and treatment.

This is achieved through the quality and thoroughness of investigation and incorporates the essence of the psychological approach of formulation with the tradition and universality of the diagnosis, adhering to DSM-IV and ICD-10 guidelines.

Quality Assurance is maintained through:

Consultant Selection

We recruit only Chartered Clinical Psychologists to undertake medico legal assessments. They are selected for their experience in appropriate areas of clinical practise and reporting skills. All consultants are further trained in issues relevant to the medico-legal field and additional training is provided regarding Court attendance.

Face to face interviews

All interviews are undertaken face to face for the purposes of medico legal reports as we consider this the best method of gaining a full and thorough assessment of client’s problems. This is in respect to information communicated not only verbally by the client but also non-verbally. In addition, the face to face interview is considered to be the most effective in developing a suitable rapport in order to achieve the thoroughness of investigation required.

Medical records and medical reports

All our Consultants review the client’s full medical records and those medical reports made available to accurately report upon matters relevant to the case both pre and post incident.

Psychometric test material

Psychometric testing is utilised where appropriate in order to offer an additional source of information from which the Consultant’s opinion is drawn. This typically uses self-rating questionnaires such as The Impact of event Scale, The Beck Depression Inventory, The General Health Questionnaire and any other scale deemed relevant. Self-rating questionnaires are not used as diagnostic tools.

Interview of relative or close friend

Where possible, the assessment procedure includes an independent interview with a relative or close friend in order to offer further clarification as to the nature of the client’s problems. This helps to confirm or otherwise information reported during the assessment.

Standard format of report

All reports follow a standard format that allows the reader easy access to the information required. In addition, the standard format ensures that the reports are compliant with CPR requirements.

Prompt and efficient service

We endeavour to ensure that, on confirmed instruction, an appointment is offered within two weeks albeit that the date of the appointment maybe some 6 to 8 weeks, depending upon the consultants’ availability. Reports are normally produced within 2 to 4 weeks of assessment, depending on the availability of all required material.

Nation-wide availability of consultants

We endeavour to ensure that three named Consultants are available in all areas of the country. On enquiry, the waiting list for each Consultant will be given. Clinic locations are selected in order to offer the greatest flexibility for the client.

Quality checking

All reports are quality checked by the Director for clinical content, comprehensiveness and reliability of information for the Court.

Regular supervision and training for all consultants

All the consultants are offered regular training and supervision in respect to their medico-legal work. Meetings are usually undertaken six monthly to update consultants upon any new and relevant issues in the legal field. In addition, peer support is gained through discussing complex cases.


In the unlikely eventuality that there is any dissatisfaction over a report prepared by The Psychology Service then this should be directed toward the Director, Clemency Palmer.

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