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Psychological Therapy

A wide range of different psychological therapies exists to address the variety of psychological problems that people may suffer. Many see psychological problems from somewhat different perspective. The types of therapy vary from Counselling, a supportive approach which is often useful when, for example, the person is experiencing a life stressor that they are struggling to cope with, to Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, in which deep rooted psychological problems often arising from childhood are explored.

Within The Psychology Service we specialise in the use of a focused form of therapy, which has been proven to be effective in the alleviation of symptomatic conditions such as PTSD, anxiety related disorders and Depression. This is called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

In addition we also utilise other recognised trauma related therapies such as EMDR.

However, to gain the most benefit about any form of therapy it is important that the client understands the process and what the therapist is trying to achieve. For a successful outcome, it is essential that there is good motivation to change. For most people, attending a psychological therapist may be a novel experience, and there can be some fear about what it might involve. To help demystify the therapeutic experience, we have drawn up some guidelines for therapy, including information about what you can expect to occur, what is expected of you in the therapy process, and the role of your therapist.

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