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Personal Injury Division

Personal Injury Division  Psychological Report

The psychological report provided by The Psychology Service is carefully designed to adhere to the CPR guidelines in terms of its content and format.

All reports follow the same format which includes:

1. Introduction To the writer of the report, a brief resume of his/her experience and training along with the nature of the instruction.

2. Investigation This section reports upon all information on which the final opinion is formulated. It is divided into a number of sections including the interview, previous personal history, previous medical history, review of medical records, the PTSD checklist and the results of self-rating questionnaires, where relevant.

3. Discussion and Opinion All information is carefully considered and the expert’s final opinion is discussed. Where appropriate, differential diagnoses are raised and considered. The opinion provides both a reliable diagnosis of the client’s problems along with the impact of the presenting psychological problems upon various areas of functioning, including the client’s social, occupational and personal life. Psychological problems are also discussed in terms of the client’s pre-morbid psychological state and other relevant factors in terms of offering an opinion upon causation and, where relevant, proportionality of problems to the index event.

4. Conclusion This section is divided into four areas which summarise the discussion, in terms of diagnosis and causation. However, further information is given regarding expected prognosis and time of recovery and whether psychological treatment is required. Details of such treatment are provided along with an estimation of the costs of such and availability within the NHS.

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