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DNA Fees

Whilst many of our customers have continued to supply us with increasing volumes of work over the years, we have lost one customer, for reasons I feel I should highlight associated with DNA fees.

DNA’s, i.e. non attended sessions or those cancelled at short notice, continue to be a highly contentious issue. Customers often say that they are not able to recoup the costs and therefore there are frequent disputes over these. However, consultants equally lose out if they are not paid for a DNA, both in respect of their time but also the costs involved i.e. travel and room costs. As such I continue to battle ahead reclaiming these.

One of our key customers has recently informed us that they are no longer able to pay for DNA’s and as a result of which I have withdrawn our services and we are no longer instructed by them. Whilst this has been a notable loss of instructions (and revenue) I believe that there is a fundamental issue here that we all need to work together over.

I am aware of this companies approach, and have had discussions in the past where they withdrew DNA fees for physiotherapists, and whilst many of their affiliates withdrew their services, after a period of time a significant number returned and accepted their new terms and conditions sufficient to enable them to continue to offer a service.

However, I am not sure if such terms and conditions would be acceptable to our own services providing specialist trauma focused psychological therapy, and would welcome your advice. Many of you are exceptionally busy and could not accommodate any loss of revenue where clients do not attend. However, I am also aware that some of you are more flexible over DNA fees.

I believe we should present with a united approach as, in the event one customer is seen to be able to provide a high quality psychological therapy service where they no longer have to accept the costs of a DNA fee, then others will quickly follow and we will all have to work under such conditions in the future.

Please indicate whether or not you would accept instructions for psychological therapy if DNA fees are not paid on our update form.

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