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Office Team Update 2011

Many of you will have noticed quite a few changes in the office team and indeed there have been quite a few additions, and some losses. Our team is now bigger than ever, 16 of us in total.

Jenny Knight, our most senior Account Manager, went off on maternity leave in June and by July had a gorgeous little girl called Bethan. The motherly bug, much to the surprise of all of us, hit Jenny hard and by November, the idea of returning to work full time in the New Year was too much. However, much to our relief, she is again working but this time part-time and it’s fabulous to have her back. Although instead of now having a picture of her horse as her screen saver (see below) she has the lovely baby Bethan! Anyway congratulations to Jenny, Paul and Bethan.

Emma Jordan sadly left our team last October. However, it was great news as she had been studying Art Therapy and has finally gained a place on an MSc Art Psychotherapy course at ? University. Well Done Emma!

Nikki Streader and Kati Rudd both moved into senior positions of Account Managers in April 2010, only to find a few months later than Nikki was also expecting – that chair has since been destroyed! So Nikki has been off on maternity leave since January and had her second baby, a rather large bouncing boy, Lewis to join sister, Abbie .

In the meantime, Kati has taken on the role of Senior Account Manager and is a huge strength to the team, with a tireless efficiency and enthusiasm!

Robin Mackney, who has now been with us for two and half years (having come on board as a temp for a couple of weeks max!) and has also moved into the Account Manager role and seems to have really found his niche.

Jude Rose continues to manage the Administration Team, but also now heads up recruitment and consultant liaison, keeping abreast of your person and professional updates.

The Admin Team, responsible for sending out instructions or processing the appointments/DNAs and so forth, now consists of Ruth Kirby, Kayleigh Brotherton, Abi Temperley and Matt Butcher, and our typist, Hazel Brocklebank works part-time. They are all superb and highly efficient (and apologise in advance for any ‘nagging’.)

On the PI Team, Kate Draper maintains complete control and manages to ensure all experts and clients are at the right place at the right time and that reports go out promptly.

Her previous assistant administrator, Rachel Podlubny, moved on to a Post Graduate Scheme with Bloombergs, and has been replaced by Clare Lockhart.

On the finance team, Sandro’s previous assistant, Ruth Klabe has also moved on, although he is delighted with her replacement, Edward Coulman, who not only has a keen finance head but shares San’s passion for karting.



Kerry Smith remains our Office Manager – or Office Mum would be a far better title! Given the breath of her experience with the company, it doesn’t seem to matter what the problem is, Kerry is always there to help out.

And finally, me – well the changes over the past year have meant that I’ve been far more involved in the actual administration and liaising with the consultants and customers. It’s been fabulous to be back in close contact with the day to day workings of the service, familiarising myself with all the systems that I put in place all those years ago when I started the company. However, I do now feel I’m ready to go back to focusing upon more of the jobs that I should be doing, which sadly get put on the ‘when I get round to it’ pile!

I have such a fantastic team, that I really feel that I need to let the ‘experts’ take the reins back now!

The Psychology Service specialises in psychological trauma, offering both expert psychological reports for the court and psychological therapy.

We are always interested to hear from consultants who are looking to join our nation-wide team.

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