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CRB Checks

More and more organisations within the private sector are now asking for proof that a CRB check has been undertaken. There are two types of CRB checks, Standard and Enhanced. For those of us working in mental health an Enhanced CRB check is required as our work in mental health is deemed as working with vulnerable adults and/or, for some, children.

If you work within the public sector the process of obtaining a CRB is pretty much done for you. However, for those people who are working completely independently it may seem like a more daunting task, with you wondering where to go for information and how to go about getting a CRB completed in order to meet the requests of the private companies employing you. The CRB website is very comprehensive and answers pretty much most questions that people have and can be found by typing in and clicking on

CRB checks cannot be obtained by individuals directly. Therefore you have to apply either through your employer or an organisation which is known as an Umbrella Body, who is registered to act as such by the CRB. Very few private providers of psychological therapies act as umbrella organisations due to the enormous amounts of administration it involves. However, for most clinicians obtaining a CRB through an Umbrella Body is not a problem. A list of the Umbrella Bodies can be found on

If you would prefer not to forage through the long lists of Umbrella Bodies then the BPS (British Psychological Society) offers this service to all and will act for clinicians from ALL disciplines not just psychologists. (Ignore their membership website which says you have to be a member of the BPS. Having spoken to them, this is NOT the case. It is just that they have not updated their website!)

For example, because The BABCP are NOT registered as an Umbrella Body they currently advise all Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapists to contact the BPS who will facilitate a CRB for them. This only involves a phone call or email to the BPS who will then give you the relevant information and direction as to what you need to do.

Costs are 60.00 for a Standard CRB and 70.00 for an Enhanced CRB. The BPS will take your details; send you out an application form to fill in; you return it to them with the required ID and then they check it and send it off for processing through the National Children's Bureau who they act for. The whole process takes approximately five to six weeks.

The BPS advertise their CRB Service and can be contacted either by emailing them on or call them on 0116 2549568 .

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