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Thursday 25 June 2009 to Friday 26 June 2009 -
Managing Pain
Helen MacDonald, Frances Cole, Cathy Carus and Pete Moore
£235 + vat, deposit of £50

Nick Grey will be presenting Ehlers & Clark’s (2000) cognitive model for PTSD and the successful treatment that has been developed from this. The clear and direct links between the theory and the treatment will be presented. This workshop emphasises those aspects of treatment that are innovative and synthesise previous best practice, including how best to apply exposure / reliving for PTSD.

The variety of cognitive and emotional responses to trauma, including shame, guilt and anger, are addressed, as are the broader repertoire of cognitive techniques that are needed in these circumstances. It will help participants recognise obstacles to successful treatment and use the theory to identify treatment techniques to overcome these. Extensive use will be made of clinical examples including videos of sessions.

The workshop will also provide an opportunity to reflect on past PTSD treatment successes and failures, and to discuss current cases. Nick Grey is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Co-Director of the Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma, South London & Maudsley NHS Trust, and Institute of Psychiatry. His current clinical work is providing outpatient cognitive therapy to people with a variety of anxiety disorders and PTSD, both within randomized controlled trials and in a more general NHS service. He has worked extensively with adults who have experienced traumatic events, including people who are seeking asylum and refugees.

The cost of the two day training will be £215 plus VAT, including lunch and beverages. Please ensure that you book your place, with a £50 deposit.

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